Parralox Supports Erasure in London / Electricity Expanded in November

That fantastic Australian act, Parralox, will be supporting legendary* synthpop duo Erasure in London on December 15th, 2014. Sometimes it feels painfully obvious to me that I live on the wrong damned continent–I can’t justify the $2,000 USD (or whatever it would cost) to head out there, but its damned tempting nonetheless.

If you’re a Parralox fan who can actually make it to London, you should buy tickets while you still can. If you’re an Erasure fan who hasn’t heard of Parralox, you owe it to yourself to check out Metropolis, consider whether you’ve become a Parralox fan, and restart this paragraph from the beginning.

Also on the Parralox front, while I missed the opportunity to tell you to go pre-order Electricity Expanded and get your name mentioned in the booklet, you can still order the cd (which is still a pre-order, just without the name check). It’s a re-release of their debut album with mixes, goodies, etc. It will also be released for digital download. The release date seems set for Halloween or November, depending on where you look (cd orders have 10/31 ship date, digital download is listed as November 2014).

Buy tickets for Parralox/Easure on December 15th
Pre-order Electricity Expanded 2CD Set

* Yes, legendary. Thousands of years from now, there will be tales told to children in caves of a time when two men made brilliant music from the metal we call copper and the soft and seemingly eternal mineral known only as “plastic”.