Late to the Party: Northern Kind Breaks up / Dancing With Ruby Formed

A little late to the party (story of my life… except for actual parties, where I’m awkwardly early), but Northern Kind broke up around the start of the year. Either there really isn’t much out there on the topic, or I’m absolutely terrible at searching Google. The indication that tipped me off was via the store on Northern Kind’s website, which they’ve named Sexy Units after the band’s third (and depressingly final) album. Available on the store is a new EP, Becoming Undone, only that EP is by a band called Dancing With Ruby. Curious.

Not breaking up? Whew!

On the “About” page of the Sexy Units store, it describes the Sexy Units label as “…a tiny label established to release music output by Matt Culpin, formally of Northern Kind (with Sarah Heeley) and now Dancing With Ruby (with Charlotte Sanderson)”. I initially read this as “formerly of Northern Kind” and was rather distraught–Northern Kind is one of my absolute favorite synthpop bands of the past several years, and they’ve just recently made it to album number 3! They can’t break up!

Then I noticed my error: formally, not formerly.

Thank heavens, right? Just trying to indicate that Northern Kind is the “main” band and Dancing With Ruby is a side (or at least “new”) project?

Nope, breaking up…

Buried deep in the wall of text on Dancing With Ruby’s Facebook Page, is the following:

So it’s now with a heavy heart that I have to write that Sarah decided to leave Northern Kind in January ’14. Since then we’ve mostly kept that decision to ourselves, mainly because of the commitments we have to fulfil two dates already booked for this year. The iSynth Festival in April and Silicon Dreams in June ’14. I must admit I was a little disappointed initially that Sarah wouldn’t be joining me for these dates, if only as a farewell. But still, I’d like to thank her for sharing this experience with me and in her words to me, “Thank you so much for being my partner on this amazing journey” – Thank you Sarah xxx


Northern Kind was fantastic, and their second album, Wired, is a melancholic masterpiece as far as I’m concerned. I deeply appreciate the albums they gave us and wish them both the best.

Dancing With Ruby

Judging from her Twitter, Sarah Heeley seems to be concentrating on her marketing career, but Matt Culpin has risen from the ashes and joined with Charlotte Sanderson of Electrobelle to form Dancing With Ruby. Dancing With Ruby comes off as a bit darker, even on their lighter song, “Dance Move Feel”. Charlotte Sanderson’s distinctive vocals are a little edgier. The first track, Nightmare, is probably the darkest. It could be a good track for a John Carpenter movie. I’ve only been listening on Spotify so far, but I’ve ordered the EP from Sexy Units. I don’t think I was on the ball enough to get a numbered copy, however. C’est la vie

Purchase Links:
Buy Becoming Undone EP
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