Röyksopp announces “The Inevitable End”

Norwegian band-that-forces-me-to-copy/paste, Röyksopp, has said (literally) “Goodbye to the traditional album format…” while announcing their next and supposedly final album, “The Inevitable End”. In the announcement, they state “we have been able to say what we want to say and do what we want to do with the LP”. Media seems to be reporting this quite bluntly as their final album, though still including the “we just mean the traditional album format” bit in the body of the article somewhere and the mention that they still plan to release music, somehow, outside of this format.

What format do they plan to use to release music in, exactly? Long strings of singles? Some strange codex device that, when inserted into a well-hidden groove in the Parthenon, activates an ancient audio playback device? Statements like this seem rather spurious to me. I’m not going to take a leap and accuse them of trying to cynically soak up press and excitement, and they could very well be sick of producing traditional albums for the moment. Even so, coming out with the statement that they’re going to quit making albums–which is attention getting precisely because of how absolute that sounds–in the same breath they state they’re going to continue releasing music “in some form or another”, seems overly dramatic.

They could just as easily say they’re getting bored of the album format and want to explore other things for now without the “end of it all” language (particularly coming along with an album called “The Inevitable End”). You know what seems inevitable to me? That, should they continue to release music in some other format, this future music will eventually be collected in a form that could be truthfully and factually described as an album. While any band will generally want an album to feel coherent or somehow indescribably “right” as a collection of songs, at the end of the day, that’s what an album is: a collection of songs. Presuming they continue working together, I suspect they’ll do it again in some form or another.

While I’ve let the tone of this get rather harsh discussing the announcement itself, the tone of the album is supposed to be quite dark and I’m looking forward to it. Their recent EP with Robyn, Do It Again, seems to be a lead-in to the forthcoming album and should give you an idea of what is to come. As well, the first track, Skulls, is already available.

The Inevitable End, which may or may not actually be the inevitable end, is available for pre-order and is coming out on November 10th, 2014.

The tracklist for the 2CD set:

Disc 1.1 Röyksopp – Skulls
Disc 1.2 Röyksopp – Monument (T.I.E. Version)
Disc 1.3 Röyksopp – Sordid Affair
Disc 1.4 Röyksopp – You Know I Have To Go
Disc 1.5 Röyksopp – Save Me
Disc 1.6 Röyksopp – I Had This Thing
Disc 1.7 Röyksopp – Rong
Disc 1.8 Röyksopp – Here She Comes Again
Disc 1.9 Röyksopp – Running To The Sea
Disc 1.10 Röyksopp – Compulsion
Disc 1.11 Röyksopp – Coup De Grace
Disc 1.12 Röyksopp – Thank You
Disc 2.1 Röyksopp – Do It Again (RYXP Version)
Disc 2.2 Röyksopp – Goodnite Mr. Sweetheart
Disc 2.3 Röyksopp – Caramel Afternoon
Disc 2.4 Röyksopp – Oh No
Disc 2.5 Röyksopp – Something In My Heart

On the CD’s website, Disc 2 is listed as a “prologue” to the inevitable end, and its content is included in the downloadable versions of the album.

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